Top 5 Casual Mobile Games You Must Try Out


Everyone loves to spend some time lazily doing things that they like. And believe me when I say that there is nothing like spending your spare time with casual games. These games are so much fun that you will often lose track of time. Nobody has to be troubled about switching on the computer or the gaming console. You have your mobile phone with you, and that is all you require. There are thousands of casual gaming apps accessible on both the App Store and Play Store from where you can download any of your preferences.

These games, as opposed to hardcore games, are lightweight and essentially involve a simple game-play with a friendly user interface. You will get captivated once you start playing. In fact, one of the reasons why people love casual games is because they are mainly free to play. Now, without really wasting much time, let me tell you some of the best and most well-liked casual games of this year.

 Here they are.


  1.     Slashy: Launched by Camel Motion, this fun puzzle game has all that you need. It is amusing; it entertains you, and yet forces your mind to think before making a move. As the name possibly suggests, you have to slash or burst the discs in the game in order to be the victor. You can do so by organizing slices on top of them in perfect order. There are over 300 levels in the game and each level gets more demanding as you advance. slashy is rated best puzzle game for kids also. 


There are props in the shape of several objects such as a vinyl record, a clock, a pizza, a football, and a slice of orange, among others. You will find a hammer that you can use in the game when you are trapped. It helps you even up the outline of the slices that go on top of the discs.


  1.     Alto’s Odyssey: This is one more fun mobile game that you can play from anywhere. It is an infinite runner game where you will find yourself dashing down desert dunes whilst riding rock formations and exploring ancient ruins. This game has some really incredible graphics with a mind-blowing soundtrack and changing color palettes. Believe me, you will only want to keep coming back to get more of it.


You will have ample goals to attain after each run and there are characters and some cool features that you can unlock. If you wish to kick back and unwind, you can turn on the fan-favorite Zen mode.


  1.     Among Us: This casual game will have you chasing the phony among crewmates. Keep in mind, this imposter is someone from among the crewmembers who are waiting for an occasion to kill everyone. Your operation is to unearth the imposter and kill him before he kills everyone in the crew and sabotages the task.


The charlatan will use all kinds of nasty tactics to kill others. This includes using the ventilation system to quickly get about, misleading other players, and even spacing corpses.


  1.     Cats are Cute: This is quite an easy game involving some really cute cats. Even though it might look simple, mind you, it can be very addictive. You can assemble cats and build a town around them. It has a delightful black-and-white doodle-like design where your task is to find as many cats as you can to construct homes and businesses for them. This way, you improve it into a booming cat city. Imagine the sheer thrill of it!


The fun part is, while you wait for the cat city to spawn, you can play rock-paper-scissors with your cats and even play hide-and-seek with them. So, want to chat with your cats? Sure, you can do that also.


  1.     The Fisher cat: This game is really gripping in nature. It is quite diverse from the game Fishing Line. This casual game gives you the possibility to literally shoot fish using a harpoon gun at a really mad speed. The striking cartoonish animation will give you the high that you have been seeking. You can gather over 150 fish with easy drag and release controls to aim and fire your harpoon at the fish.


The cats here are really endearing but the art style makes catching the fish even more fun to amass. There are different types of harpoons that you can play around with that include other items to make catching fish easier. With a stunning aquatic background, there is no denying that this game is all about fun, fun, and fun!



Casual games are a total amusement package. They are fun, attractive and you will not spend all day. These games can be paused and resumed at your convenience and will without having to lose your progress. In addition, you would obtain that high octane from playing these ridiculously astounding games.

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