The 10 Most Difficult Hogwarts Legacy Dueling Feats


It’s time to show how good you are at magic with these great tips and tricks for fighting feats in Hogwarts Legacy.

Dueling feats in Hogwarts Legacy are small optional tasks in combat that are meant to give players rewards every time they are done right. They can’t be tracked in the usual way from the main menu, but players can see their total feat progress by going to challenges, then combat, and then scrolling down to “Complete Dueling Feats.” Dueling feats will also show up on the screen because they are available in the bottom-right part of the screen, just above the HUD controls. When you fight a linked enemy, they will show up on their own. How hard each feat is to do will depend on who you’re fighting.

If you finish the feat, you’ll be able to get the officer’s uniform and hat, the Halloween pumpkin mask, the fall festival coat, and finally the demiguise mask. It would be a mistake for players to forget the combos they learned while doing dueling tasks.