Is Winning Online Ludo Luck or Skill in India

Ludo is undoubtedly one of the most popular board games in India. The game has been played by people of all ages and skill levels over the last several years.  Ludo is often considered a pastime activity wherein you can enjoy leisurely with your friends, family, and close ones. The game of Ludo originated in the 19th Century by the name of Pachisi and since then it underwent several changes in order to captivate the people. However, the way the Ludo game is played has completely changed over the last few years. With the advent of technology and the internet along with the craze for online gaming, the traditional version of Ludo moved online. Online Ludo is solely responsible for a significant rise in the number of users playing the game, especially in India.  Today, several online gaming platforms offer the Ludo game to its user base. Moreover, there are several apps that are solely dedicated to Ludo. 

Online Ludo has garnered a lot of popularity in recent years in India, especially since the 2020 lockdown period. The online version of the game has kept people entertained and engaged. When you play Online Ludo, you will be competing against opponents around the world. Ludo is often considered a skilled-based game as the players need to make strategic decisions while moving their tokens or pieces. However, there are claims that winning  Ludo games merely rely on luck and chance instead of strategies. 

Firstly, one needs to understand the basics of the game and its objectives. The main aim of the game is to remove all four tokens from the starting point, move them around the board and get into ‘home’ before other players to win the game. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that none of your opponents hamper your progress in the game. If we look at the broader perspective, the Ludo game is a combination of skill and luck in India. Online Ludo is a game that involves the rolling of dice, which introduces a chance into the gameplay. The numbers you roll on the six-sided dice on every turn determine the movement of your designated piece or token on the board. Therefore, this aspect of the Ludo game adds a significant amount of luck. 

Nonetheless, the skill plays a primary and crucial role in the Online Ludo game as it determines the outcomes or results of the game. Expert Ludo players make strategic decisions depending on the circumstances of the game, such as which token to move, whether to attack or defend and how to move the piece on the board effectively. Most of the skilled players have a better understanding of the game’s nuances and possibilities associated with dice rolls and use that knowledge to their ability in order to gain an edge over the opponents. Furthermore, experienced players have often developed their own strategies to better off their opponents and increase their potential of winning the game. They mainly focus on hampering the progress of the opponents by blocking their pieces and capitalizing on the chances that arise during the Ludo game. 

The luck factor in Online Ludo, including ludo-earning apps, comes into play when a player is in a critical situation and unable to determine which piece to move to avoid getting caught by the opponent’s piece. The numbers on the dice, in the ludo earning app and other platforms, determine the fate of the game as it decides how far the player’s token can move during the game. In Online Ludo, players can create blockades by placing their own pieces in the space which has been occupied by the opponent and refraining from moving past. This strategy relies on luck as the opponents need to roll the exact number of dice in order to break the blockade. The strategy does play a bigger role in Online Ludo, including ludo earning apps, but luck is an external factor that will play a secondary role in the game.


Skill and strategy play an important role in Online Ludo but at the same time, the luck factor cannot be ruled out. If your available strategies don’t work in the final stages of the game, then luck is the only thing that may help you succeed in the game.