9 Best Uniques For Barbarians In Diablo 4


Barbarians are the strongest and most destructive physical fighters in Diablo 4. They may have a rough start as wild, fierce warriors, but once their build starts to come together, they become an unmatched powerhouse. Being good at more than one weapon gives the Barbarian a lot of options for how to build, especially since they can choose which weapon to use for each skill by hand.

But, even though Barbarians have the ability to be very good, it’s a shame that many of the special weapons and gear made just for them aren’t very good. These things don’t always help Barbarians make progress in hard content; instead, they fall short, leaving them to find strength elsewhere. Regardless, some of these uniques give the class the much-needed power boost to make the move to the end game smooth.

Battle Trance

barbarian-aoe-attack-diablo-4.jpg (740×370)

Battle Trance is a one-of-a-kind charm that can help a Frenzy-focused build. The amulet has two special benefits. First, it raises the highest number of stacks of Frenzy by two. Second, it speeds up the Barbarian’s other skills when they hit. Because of the faster attack speed, there are fun builds that can be made that use switching weapons.

Barbarians can get Fury in a lot of different ways that don’t involve a basic move. A fully developed Barbarian would rather have the neck spot for a better aspect, whether it’s a shout, a passive, or a rare aspect. When it comes to Barbarians who aren’t quite there yet, Lunging Strike is the best basic move they can have.

100,000 Steps

barbarian_-ground-stomp.jpg (740×370)

The name “100,000 Steps” fits this item well because it takes a lot of work to use its special effect. Once the special boots get the Walking Arsenal Key Passive bonus, they will instantly cast Ground Stomp while granting Fury. When you deal direct damage with a Two-Handed Bludgeoning, Two-Handed Slashing, or Dual Wielded weapon, that Key Passive will start to work.

Other passives in the same group, like Unbridled Rage’s huge DPS boost, are better than the Walking Arsenal Key Passive. Also, all that work to make Ground Stomp stronger won’t change the game. Still, keep these boots in your stash in case a Walking Arsenal build becomes popular.

Ancients’ Oath

collage-maker-11-jul-2023-03-38-pm-6409.jpg (740×370)

The Two-Handed Axe Ancients’ Oath is one of a kind. It gives the Steel Grasp skill two more chains, which make it hook enemies on a larger cone. Steel Grasp also slows enemies it hits, which works with one of its passives to do more damage to enemies that are slowed. For a big burst ability like Double Swing, Steel Grasp can help you stack enemies. It is also a skill that every supporting Z-Barbarian should have.

It is hard to swap out a useful shout for Steel Grasp, which hurts this otherwise great rare axe in the end. The unique can be very useful for a Barbabian who is hungry for blood and loves to hunt other Eggy Car players. When Steel Grasp can reach farther, it will be harder for those Rogues and Sorcerers who are slippery to get away.


barbarian-right-skills-in-diablo-4.jpg (740×370)

Hellhammer is a simple unique that makes Upheaval stronger by setting nearby ground on fire for extra damage after the ability is used. The passives of the special Two-Handed Hammer work really well together, giving more damage to enemies that are on fire, enemies that direct crowds, and Two-Handed Bludgeoning weapons.

Hellhammer isn’t very impressive for a unique weapon, so it would work better as a legendary item. It doesn’t help that the burning effect doesn’t really bother the demons. Upheaval builds don’t scale as well as the other Core Skills, and the special weapon that goes with it isn’t very good, so it’s not worth it.

Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus

whirlwind-barbarian.jpg (740×370)

This is a one-of-a-kind One-Handed Sword from Ramaladni that drains Fury every second. In exchange, skills that use the sword do more damage, as scaled by the amount of Fury used to cast them. Another cool thing about this special sword is that it makes Dual-Wielded weapons stronger and has a Lucky Hit chance to recover Fury. Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus is one of those one-of-a-kind pieces that needs to be built around, but the power it gives you makes the effort worth it.

If you want to use this special sword, your best Core Skill should be Double Swing or Whirlwind. Then stack Lucky Hit to let your Core Skill run through hell nonstop.


barbarian-hammer-of-the-ancients-skill.jpg (740×370)

The Two-Handed Mace Overkill is one of a kind and is great for playing whack-a-mole with devils. The huge hammer gives Death Blow much-needed range by sending out a blast that does only a small amount of its base damage. Also, foes that die from the explosion have Death Blow’s timer restart. The Two-Handed Mace is a strong stat stick that gives you two extra Overpower attacks, even if it doesn’t have the actual effect.

Death Blow is a flexible ability that works well with any build. It is especially good at killing enemies while also giving them Fury. Keep an Overkill close at all times; it’s the most important special tool a Barbarian can have.

Fields Of Crimson

collage-maker-11-jul-2023-11-54-pm-4938.jpg (740×370)

Fields of Crimson is a must-have weapon for Barbarians who want to build their dream bleed, because it gives Rupture a new effect. When you stab an enemy with Rupture, a pool of blood forms around them. This pool does Bleeding damage and makes any enemies standing on it more vulnerable. On top of that, the special Two-Handed sword gives Rupture more ranks and lowers the ability’s delay.

One of Barbarian’s best uniques is Fields of Crimson, which lets you make a unique Bleed build and gives you an active part to play with. With the new Rupture interaction, the Barbarian becomes a beast that can only attack one target. This makes it perfect for boss hunts and higher world tiers.

Rage Of Harrogath

diablo-4-barbarian-walking-arsenal.jpg (740×370)

There is only one other item that can go in that slot, so Rage of Harrogath will be on every Barbarian. This is because its special effect is good for everyone and is easy to trigger. When you Bleed Elites, the special Chest Armor has a Lucky Hit chance to shorten the cooldown of all of your non-Ultimate skills. You don’t need a special build for Bleed because there are many easy ways to use it, like Battle Lunging Strike and Furious Whirlwind.

As you level up, Rage of Harrogath becomes very useful when elite packs spawn like normal enemies. Because it forms a positive feedback loop, the Chest piece works best when paired with all three Barbarian yells.

Gohr’s Devastating Grips

diablo-4-barbarian-unconstrained.jpg (740×370)

Gorh’s Devastating Grips will always be the best item for Barbarians as long as the spin-to-win style of play stays strong. When the special gloves wear off, they do Fire damage to nearby enemies, giving Whirlwind a powerful edge. Since you’ll be going in and out of Whirlwind anyway, this is a natural way to add more damage.

As a result of Gohr’s Devastating Grips, Whirlwind gains extra attack speed and a chance to land a lucky hit. Barbarians want all the Lucky Hit bonuses they can get because they boost their build and make it more likely that things like Ancestral Echoes will happen.