The 10 Best Trinkets In Darkest Dungeon 2


In Darkest Dungeon 2, you’ll need Trinkets to stay alive. But which ones are the best?

You need all the help you can get in Darkest Dungeon 2. When you get to later Confessions, the odds are so stacked against you that even the smallest change in a stat can mean the difference between life and death for your group of anti-heroes.

This is where the Trinkets come in. Each person in the party can wear two of these, and they give boosts that range from not very useful to very important for winning the game. At first, their benefits might not seem very powerful, but as you get more choices from the Altar of Hope, they become an important part of many team builds and plans. There are ten really shiny items on this list that you should get when you can.


temptation.jpg (740×370)

Temptation is a “Cultist Trinket” in Darkest Dungeon 2. These are Trinkets that give huge bonuses, but you have to wear a “Stained” trinket or the Shambler’s “Spawn” pet to use them. For an extra 50% of the time, it gives the character wearing it an extra action each turn. It may also be the most strong Trinket in this group.

Taking an extra action in Darkest Dungeon 2 can make a huge difference in a fight. If this effect happens just a few times, it can turn the tide in your favor. It’s so strong that the bad things about Temptation, like dealing damage sometimes and being much less resistant to deathblows, don’t seem important when compared to this.

Vengeful Kill List

vengeful-kill-list.jpg (740×370)

It’s possible that the Vengeful Kill list is the best Trinket in the game. But, like the Bounty Hunter it’s connected to, its power is matched by the fact that there aren’t many of them. You need to meet the Bounty Hunter, which is a pretty rare event in and of itself, and then be lucky enough to get this as his starting Trinket. This is a series of events that build on each other, so you’ll need to be very lucky.

If you do find it, though, get ready for pure chaos. If you let your Bounty Hunter take all the credit for a kill while the List is connected, you’ll get an extra 3% damage every time. This can add up to 12% per fight if you let them. If you use this Trinket a few times, the extra damage it gives you will be enough to beat even the toughest bosses in the game.

Thrilling Tablet

thrilling-tablet.jpg (740×370)

Losing a hero in Darkest Dungeon 2 is usually a terrible thing that ends the game. If you don’t have any heroes in your list, the Thrilling Tablet can help you feel better by giving you insane 100% more health and damage for each one you missed.

The Thrilling tablet can help a tanky hero like the Man-at-Arms battle bosses and special enemies all by themselves without any trouble. You shouldn’t try to build your party around this Trinket because more party members will usually make you more flexible than the stat boosts it gives you, but it’s a great item to get from the Hoarder if you get stuck late in a run.

Cursed Coin

cursed-coin.jpg (740×370)

The Highwayman is the only character who can have the Cursed Coin Trinket, which makes that important part of the character even stronger by adding 5% damage for every good token he has. Once you master Take Aim, it gives you four good points that increase your damage by 20%. Support skills like Emboldening Vapours can easily make that number go higher.

The Coin also has a good chance of adding Riposte points every time Highway Robbery is used. This is a standard skill for Highwaymen. It’s not worth the small drop in critical hit chance that was added to “balance” the Coin. This makes it the best Trinket for one of the best characters in the game.


sparkleball.jpg (740×370)

In Darkest Dungeon 2, state changes aren’t a one-off like they are in many other RPGs; they happen all the time. It’s necessary to learn the in-game status dictionary by heart before you can really get into Doodle Baseball because most enemies, even low-level ones, can give your heroes one or two status effects.

When you give these states to your enemies, they are just as strong, and the Sparkleball makes it incredibly easy to do so. Every hit backed by a Sparkleball can change up to five different states. These range from small hits like “Dazed” and “Immobilized” to major ones like “Vulnerable” and “Weak.” Even though the odds of getting each status aren’t great, the high rolls with the Sparkleball are beautiful to see.

Snappy Swig

snappy-swig.jpg (740×370)

The only place you can find the Snappy Swig Trinket is in the Sprawl area, which is Darkest Dungeon 2‘s real-life city center. It makes the attached hero deal more Burn damage, which makes it a great choice for the Runaway. But what’s more important is that if your speed is over eight, it has a 50% chance to give you a Crit token every turn.

With the help of some Stagecoach things and Trinkets, eight is a very easy number to reach for heroes with a high base speed, like the Jester and the Highwayman. Once you get there, getting a Crit coin every other turn will greatly increase the damage you do. This will help you end fights faster and keep your resources for the long journey ahead.

Nautical Compass

nautical-compass.jpg (740×370)

This is the right compass for you if you like foolish nautical things. This Trinket can be found on the Shroud’s rocky beaches and rotten planks. At the end of each turn, it gives one of five tokens that can be used for Block, Strength, Dodge, Crit, or Stress.

Each has an equal chance, so you have an 80% chance of getting a good result, with Strength and Crit being two of the best. The possible downside of Stress is noticeable, but it’s easy to deal with since every team member should already have skills for treating Stress. You can flip your enemies over like a fish with this Compass in your hand.

Storage Room Key

storage-room-key.jpg (740×370)

Some Trinkets in Darkest Dungeon 2 do more than just change a hero’s stats. They change their moves and how they play in fun ways, making them more like new paths. One of these is the Storage Room Key, which changes the Plague Doctor into a support character rather than a cure.

When you wear the Key, the Plague Doctor’s Ounce of Prevention skill will do more than just protect you from status effects. It will also block your whole party, and Emboldening Vapours will give you Regen and Strength. In exchange, Battlefield Medicine will only work half as well, but the extra strength that boosted Ounce of Prevention gives will more than make up for that.

Price Of Pride

price-of-pride.jpg (740×370)

Price of Pride is a great Trinket story that stands on its own. With just three words and a picture, the main tragedy of the Man-at-Arms character is revealed. Additionally, it works just as well technically, with two very positive affects and one mostly unnoticeable negative one.

When the Man-at-Arms is hit while Price of Pride is on, he has a 33% chance of getting a Block Plus token. As a character who often takes hits on purpose for other party members, this is a huge help. One more thing is that the Bellow skill has a 10% chance of stuning enemies. This number seems low, but when you think about how Bellow hits all enemies at once. It makes sense that you should have a good chance of getting stunned every turn.

If you’re the first player to take a turn, you get Blind. This is a great way to punish the Man-at-Arms for charging into battle without thinking. But it’s not likely to happen in real life because he has a low base Speed.

Raven’s Reach

raven-s-reach.jpg (740×370)

Some of the best Trinkets are also the easiest to make. This item, Raven’s Reach, is very simple because it only does one thing. It increases the damage done by long attacks by 20%. In Darkest Dungeon 2, long attackers usually do better than melee attackers. This is a big buff, and it works similarly to the Gnarly Knuckles. Which do the same thing for melee attacks.

When it comes to dealing damage, the Highwayman and the Occultist are two of the best in the game. They both work best when they are far away. Sometimes it’s annoying to get extra Stress when you miss an attack. But skills like Take Aim can help you avoid that most of the time.